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Artist Name:

Music Title: Keke

Recording Year: 2022

Song Category: Foreign Music’s 

Talented, Sensational music star and songwriter Big Boogie came on board with a new brand song Tittled ”Keke”.

The Song Bandana is OUT NOW! with high and Lovable, enjoyable cool sounds, The song was recorded and released in the year 2022 and till date it still one of the best trended and hit songs.

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[Intro: Big Boogie]Big Dude
(Run that up EJ) I want KeKe
Bitch, I’m Big Dude

[Verse 1: Big Boogie]My lil’ bitch get money, pop her shit, they call her KeKe (KeKe)
I ain’t never met no bitch like this, she like to lick me
She gon’ bounce that ass on FaceTime if she can’t come see me
Pussy water, Fiji, she got [?] she repeat
Pull up in that Trackhawk, knock her ass out, ‘cause she miss me
She call me her Pitbull, doggy, back shots freaky
KeKe lovе Bull, [?] my chocolate drop and Reese’s (Reese’s)
And shе got on peices, diamonds in her teeth-es (Ice)
KeKe brownskin, hustler and she dance
She don’t like new friends, drive her big body a Benz
She ain’t friendly but she fuck wit’ bronem, shake they hand
She got money too, she FaceTime daddy wit’ them bands
Fly her to Jamaica, or somewhere she never been
I ain’t trippin’ baby, I got money, bring yo’ friends
But I don’t got friends, I got brothers, bitch we like kin
My lil’ bitch, she pressure, man, I [?] fuck no fan
Love to spoil my bitch when I’m in town, I’m her man
She gon’ take my soul if I pull up, wit’ no hands
Yeen never seen a pretty bitch, that sexy dance
My lil’ bitch like Ari, she gon’ buy Big Daddy land
Soon as she buy that land, I’ma drop thousands on her hand
Soon as her ex complain, I’ma drop thousands on that man
Fuck her stomach up, I just be poundin’, grabbin’ hands
Shawty grab my dick, she said, “Some growlin’ in yo’ pants” (Hold up, ooh)

[Chorus: Big Boogie]KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, I want KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, come here KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, I want KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe
Fuck her, I want KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, come here KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, [?] KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe
Pussy bald, KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, come here

[Verse 2: Big Boogie]KeKe work the pole (Raw), KeKe like it slow (Raw)
KeKe get her money, she ain’t worried ‘bout no ho
KeKe like to slide (Skrrt), KeKe (Yeah), is fine
KeKe, she gon’ eat the dick and look me in my eyes
KeKe like it raw (Raw), I’m in KeKe draws
KeKe want a thug nigga, one that break the law
KeKe want a nigga that’s gon’ give it to her raw (Raw)
I fuck wit’ KeKe, she independent, she a boss
[Chorus: Big Boogie]KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, I want KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, come here KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe, KeKe, I want KeKe, KeKe
Damn, KeKe
Fuck her, I want KeKe
[Outro: Big Boogie]What’s up KeKe (My lil’ boo wit’ me)
Ha (Come here KeKe)
(My lil’ boo wit’ me) I see you KeKe
I’m Big Dude

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