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  • Artist Name: Rod Wave
  • Music Title: Keep Going
  • Album Title: Beautiful Minds
  • Recording Year: 2022
  • Song Category: Hip Hop

Talented, Sensational music star and songwriter Rod Wave came on board with a new brand song Tittled “ Keep Going ”.

The Song Keep Going is OUT NOW! From His Newly realised album with high and Lovable, enjoyable cool sounds, The song was recorded and released in the year 2022 and till date it still one of the best trended and hit songs.

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Artiisan keep goin’ crazy
Yeah, yeah
Ooh-woah, yeah-yeah

First of all, tell ‘em niggas hatin’, it’s “Fuck ‘em”
Tell me why they cross they nuts on a young hustler?
Coach told me to play, I asked me to get queued on
Everybody gon’ get they shot, what you gon’ do with it?
Uh, wake up everyday, mind on another million
Get up, get you some money, get the fuck up out from yo’ feelings
I had a harder way of livin’, now the stars are up on the ceilin’
Front camera, back camera, whole dash-digit
On the interstate, out-of-state, gettin’ high
You know I’m on the way to that money right now
No the grind don’t stop, it never did
You know the grind don’t stop, and it never will
You know they hate to see a nigga win (Win)
I been chasing this money since 2010
Remember momma found my sack and I seen her cry (Made her cry)
Nah I ain’t getting high momma I’m getting by momma (Oh-yeah)
Aye, this 732 keep my fly momma (Yeah)
Look at all these brand new twenties I got momma
Fast forward they know my name across the globe (The globe)
I can catch just about a quarter-million dollar shows (—million dollar shows)
I live on the road, I know these actin’ ass niggas want my place (My place)
So I keep these cappin’ ass niggas out my face (Out my face)
I been laughing at these niggas all the way to the bank (The bank)
I told these rabbit ass niggas, that the turtle win the race (Yeah)
On the interstate, out-of-state, gettin’ high
You know I’m on the way to that money right now
No the grind don’t stop it never did (Yeah)
You know the grind don’t stop and it never will (Yeah-yeah)

They want me to stop but I ain’t (Keep going)
They want me to flop but I can’t (Keep going)
Know these niggas mad we on top (Keep going)
Youngin got the whole world on lock (Keep going)
Keep—, Keep going, yeah, keep going, yeah, keep going
Keep going (That really how it is out here, that grind don’t ever stop, I’d never stop)
Yeah, Oh-woah

[Outro: ???]

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