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Artist Name:

Music Title: Do I Go Too Far

Recording Year: 2022

Song Category: Foreign Music’s 

Talented, Sensational music star and songwriter Sabrina Say So City came on board with a new brand song Tittled ”Do I Go Too Far” .

The Song Bandana is OUT NOW! with high and Lovable, enjoyable cool sounds, The song was recorded and released in the year 2022 and till date it still one of the best trended and hit songs.

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Yeah…Yo this another Big Big Kid exclusive right hurr baby (wait a minute) Beatster Music (Just a Second) I’m gone slow it down foe da ladies right hurr (Ya hear what I’m talking bout) Ican’t do dat wait a while……..Let’s Go!!!!!!


Let’s wait a while Before its too late, lets wait a while Our love would be great Let’s wait a while before we go tooo far (Aye..Just wait a minute gurl)…Ok Lets Go…

[First Verse]

We can slow it down wait around for a minute and pick dis hang back up so we can get wit it You know I’m feeling you gurl but Im just sensing dat ya wanna get wit me and now I’m feeling tension we can hit the mall sometimes throw me dem digits

So we can floss a little ride wit me in my Bentley coordinated clothes true Religion true religion then hit up the Hamptons and spend a day in Venice. But we can do dis all just as soon as I Finish I know you don’t like dis but gurl dis is the business as soon as I get some time den we can start chillin, But right now da boi is on a mission fa million so…..

[Chorus Repeat 1x]

Its crazy all da things she do to try to get wit me always trying to get me say she flyin to my city she doing anything just to get my attention but I gotta lot to do gurl just wait until I’m finished when I came asked her she be blowing up my phone trying to hang wit my sista errtime I’m gone….(Errtime ya Gone?) Yeah Errtime I’m gone trying to get next to the people in my home. Now ya tryin to Brush it off tryin to paint tha picture, But at the same time yo know I wanna get wit cha gotta understand me gurl I’m trying to get this paper so if ya understand me me dis favor and….

[Chorus Repeat 1x]

See I be feeling you I know dat chu be liking me you can come take a ride its alright wit me

[Girl’s Voice:]

If you try to act like I was just watching you I know you like this


See I be feeling you I know dat chu be liking me you can come take a ride its alright wit me

[Girls Voice:]

If you try to act like I was just watching you I know you like this Baby…(Boom Boom Clap, Boom Boom Clap)

[Back to Chorus (Repeat 2x’s)]


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