Terms Of Service For WindsLoad

Our Terms of Service was last updated on 19th February 2023.

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Please kindly Read our Terms of service before using our using our website.

Brief Introduction:

windsloaded is an individual website owned by a Nigerian young talent which is basically consistent on serving the world with daily updated on music, videos, news, entertainment, gists etc. Our services are well organized to your very best understanding. Our content are unique with a free downloading of any uploaded songs with lyrics and video. We do not make the words hard to your understanding, it’s a break down sentences . We are so consistent in updating you with all you want from entertainments.

For The Purposes of these Terms of service:

  • Nudity: we do not accept nude pictures, or any forms of nudity violation of which we don’t upload any forms of Nudes ok our sites.
  • War: Please note we are only an entertainment website, our work is to make you entertained, smiles we do not upload any form of war video or any domestic violence.
  • Racism: we do not support any form racism, insults, domestic violence. We have no part either black or white, Animal or human being, we have equal respect for all.
  • Feedback: we are very fast and reliable once it comes to replying and giving feedback, do make sure you drop your suggestions, and support on our comment section for each article.

Best Regards and happy viewing.