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  • Artist Name:YG
  • Music Title: Drink To This
  • Album name:I GOT ISSUES
  • Recording Year: 2022
  • Song Category: R&B

Talented, Popular, Sensational American singer YG  came on board with a new brand song Titled ”Drink To This

 professionally known as YG  is an American singer and songwriter who started music at an early age.

The Song “Drink To This” is OUT NOW! with high and Lovable, enjoyable cool sounds. The song was recorded and released in the year 2022 and till date it still one of the best trended and hit songs.

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“Drink To This”

Fuck yo bitch & the click you claim
Ima westside rider coming quick with flame

Mother fuck love fuck guilt & shame
4hunnid everything from the fit to chain

They the salty, I represent the click they to fault me
Get off me the opp look for oppourtnies to off me

I’m bossy I move like president & it cost me, you lost me
I changed for the better and you fault me

Treat em like a ghost If I see him, I never saw heem
Silence is deadly and it be killing you softly

They link & talk bad about me, they have parties
Big lip niggas talk too much Steve harvey

When I see em & press em they like sorry
Gullah Gullah island these niggas turn in to then barney

But real estate is what trauma brought me
Stay in the Krib, take Kare of them kids is what it taught me

Listen when it come to these hoes, I’m like Tristan
But listen when it come to the gang I’m like a Christian

Praise the gods who here before my existence
Who kept it gangsta, that’s code, that’s my commitment

And with that comes cause & conditions
Legitament reasons to murder opps while they slipping

Over a bitch he left the Homie outta commission
And we seen all on tape, Now we tripping

This is what you sliding for, this is what you signed for, get snitched on & hit with life, is what you signed for

Fuck that, rewind it, switch the vibrants boy
Turned the block into fashion I’m a designer boy

They rather see you fucked up down bad
When you finally over came the shitt that had you down bad

Imagine it in real life, when shitt sound sad
The silver lining running thru my black plaids

My niggas gotta drink to this
My nigga gotta drink to this

Fuck that nigga drink to this
Fuck that nigga drink to this

My nigga have a drink to this
My nigga have a drink to this

Fuck that nigga drink to this
Fuck that nigga drink to this

You was my boy, you had to be
Starving for greatness. We had to eat

You was my boy. We was in the streets
Then you made it & turned industry

I’m emotional I don’t know how to with cope folks
Who’s shady. Nope. Kall me bro but played me close

It’s krazy though when I start blame’n folks
With proof of they foul play they never claim it thought

Respect lost
We checking all bitch niggas off the list
This year he checked off

Gotta show em what neglect cost
Brotherly love. This a pep talk

I was there for you. I was there for you
Broke yo bro heart he really cared for you

You prolly got some shitt to say about me too
But switching on gang I wouldn’t dare to do

My niggas gotta drink to this
My nigga gotta drink to this

Fuck that nigga drink to this
Fuck that nigga drink to this

My nigga have a drink to this
My nigga have a drink to this

Fuck that nigga drink to this
Fuck that nigga drink to this

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